Toronto Music Advisory Council releases Toronto Music Strategy

Toronto Music Advisory Council releases draft Toronto Music Strategy

Andreas Kalogiannides | December 14, 2015

On Friday, December 11th 2015, the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council (TMAC) proudly released for public consultation its draft Toronto Music Strategy. You can find the document here through the City of Toronto website.

The draft report will, once officially adopted by City Council, become Toronto’s first official Music Strategy for the years ahead.

The report identifies six main areas of focus in order to improve how music is created, produced, showcased and consumed in Toronto, including the policies which will make Toronto a more “music-friendly” city for creators, bring music education back into schools, and strengthen the music business ecosystem.  

The report is accompanied by an online survey (available at the above link, and also here).  This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the report, and to share your thoughts on where the City needs to focus in order to build upon Toronto’s reputation as a world-class music city.  Please take a second to participate in the survey – TMAC needs the input and support of all Torontonians!

And this last point is important – Toronto already is a world-class music city, not only in terms of the quality of musicians who live and create here, but also due to our amazing live scene, incredible production facilities and the fact that 80% of Canadian music is directly linked to the GTA.  So, this report is not about how to turn Toronto into a “music city”; we are already that. Rather, the report is about capitalizing on what we do well, and improving in areas where we have room to grow.

The public consultation period ends December 31, 2015.  After the consultation closes, the report will go before the Economic Development Committee at the City for approval (late January/early February), and from there, on to City Council for official adoption (March or April).