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Don’t Delay in Enforcing your IP

If your intellectual property is being infringed, do not delay in seeking a remedy. If you delay for too long, you may find yourself statutorily barred from proceeding with a claim. And remember: going to court is not an IP management strategy. That’s your last resort.


Clearing Film, Media and Book Titles

Choosing a title is an important component of an intellectual asset management strategy that should be addressed at the very beginning of your project. When developing a new film, book or media property, it is crucially important to ensure that the title of your property, including the words and designs associated with its exploitation, does not infringe on an existing registered or unregistered trademark.

You do not want to put time and money into developing an asset, only to discover – right before your release – that your title is identical or confusingly similar to a mark being used on closely related products or services. (Believe me, this happens more than you might think…)