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Business Services a Must for Creative Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in any creative field – whether as a creator, producer or one of the many ancillary supporting roles, e.g. lawyer, accountant, music engineer – must be a full-time, revenue-focused endeavour. Like any new business venture, there is little chance of success unless you and your team are prepared financially, mentally and emotionally for the road ahead. Business advisory and legal services are crucial in setting off on the right foot.

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Don’t Delay in Enforcing your IP

If your intellectual property is being infringed, do not delay in seeking a remedy. If you delay for too long, you may find yourself statutorily barred from proceeding with a claim. And remember: going to court is not an IP management strategy. That’s your last resort.


Toronto Independent Music Awards

Andreas Kalogiannides is named to the Grand Jury of the 2015 Toronto Independent Music Awards alongside Alan Cross! Now in its 11th season, the TIMAs have given away over $300,000 in custom prize packages. The TIMAs have been the platform for independent musicians to network, attain tools for success and be discovered for ten years!


Sony Music Pulls Recordings From SoundCloud

Sony Music just pulled down of its most popular recordings from SoundCloud – recordings from Hozier, Adele, MS MR (love them) and Passion Pit – due to a breakdown in licensing negotiations. The reason? Generally, a lack of monetization opportunities on the service. This breakdown in negotiations reveals an intriguing tension between the idea that SoundCloud is a “creator-driven” service but has now become a major global streaming service and distribution platform.

Toronto Music City Town Hall

On Saturday, April 25th, the City of Toronto held its first Music City Town Hall, hosted by Wavelength and held by the good folks at The Garrison. More than 200 people came out to hear Mike Tanner, Music Sector Development Officer, City of Toronto, discuss how Toronto is going to transform itself into a “music city”. But what does a “music city” mean? And can Toronto get there?


DJs are the Ultimate Artist Entrepreneurs

I want to share with you a simple but powerful idea: you are not a DJ.

You are an artist-entrepreneur.

More than that, you are business.

I give this advice to each of my music clients in the course of my entertainment practice because artists need to hear it. Many artists are sometimes quick to view their work only as ‘creative’ without also realizing that their work is inherently commercial. And the DJ world, more than many other category of artist, exists where the creative meets the commercial: you’re regularly transporting equipment around the world, you’re making deals with club owners and publishers, and you’re performing live every weekend.