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Don’t Delay in Enforcing your IP

If your intellectual property is being infringed, do not delay in seeking a remedy. If you delay for too long, you may find yourself statutorily barred from proceeding with a claim. And remember: going to court is not an IP management strategy. That’s your last resort.


Event: Legal Innovation Zone Launch Party

Tonight I’ll be at the launch party for Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone! We are very excited to be a part of the team that is using technology to change how Canadians perceive and interact with the legal system.

The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University is a co-working space for the people and ideas that will change the status quo of Canada’s legal system. The world of law and justice in Canada is, in many ways, operating as it did 100 years ago. For many Canadians, it is too slow, too expensive or too complex. It’s a system in desperate need of innovation.


Netflix can Solve Digital Music, part II

Netflix is one of the few global media companies with the ability to solve digital music through strategic bundling of product, services and content. The battle for our music streaming lives can be waged by Google, Apple, and Spotify. However, Netflix represents the dark horse in this race, and could only mount a reasonable prospect if bundled film and music in the right way. Oh, and before a competitor like Amazon gets to it first. Well,…


Netflix can Solve Digital Music

If it wants to, Netflix can solve the problem of people not paying for music through bundling music with its movie and TV service. And music is ripe for bundling for several reasons. No one service is doing bundling well right now. Amazon is almost doing it with it’s Prime Music service, but it’s mainly a brick-and-mortar product distributor, not a dedicated content delivery service like Netflix (which now also produces content). And Apple’s iTunes service is clunky and outdated at best, and the a-la-carte download model is very 2010. And Apple is really the only other company who could make a significant dent in a play for bundling. But with a slick UI and some negotiations with the major labels, Netflix can catch Apple asleep at the wheel.


Clearing Film, Media and Book Titles

Choosing a title is an important component of an intellectual asset management strategy that should be addressed at the very beginning of your project. When developing a new film, book or media property, it is crucially important to ensure that the title of your property, including the words and designs associated with its exploitation, does not infringe on an existing registered or unregistered trademark.

You do not want to put time and money into developing an asset, only to discover – right before your release – that your title is identical or confusingly similar to a mark being used on closely related products or services. (Believe me, this happens more than you might think…)