In my experience, many situations sometimes appear simple, but often end up being complicated once you explore all of the angles. This holds true for clients seeking to expand existing revenue streams generated by intellectual assets, negotiate a music publishing deal or beating a criminal charge.

My role in helping my clients navigate this complexity is to provide usable value through a focus on process and attention to detailnot abstract legal advice and document production. 

By adopting a holistic approach to solving problems, I help my clients to see all of the angles. 

My Focus on Creative Professionals

My focus on the legal & business issues facing creative professionals is rooted in two philosophies about art and business.

First, those people who work in creative fields are true professionals: they dedicate their time and resources to honing their skills as masters of their craft. 

Second, creative works are a source of both cultural and economic wealth. They inspire us to dream, and move us to feel.  At the same time, however, these creations are also income-producing assets.  With the right strategy, they can provide to creators long-term financial and professional sustainability. I offer to my clients the tools to develop, monetize and protect these assets.